ContiPremiumContact 2

Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 195/55R15 85H TL CPC 2

Shorter braking distances for luxury and medium-sized cars: The ContiPremiumContactTM 2 The ContiPremiumContactTM 2 has a totally new type of 3-D groove. Its innovative tread technology optimises braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces. Thanks to the new 3-D grooves, water is dispersed more efficiently – providing excellent protection against aquaplaning. 3-D grooves also give the whole tyre superb stability. That’s why the new ContiPremiumContact 2TM is less prone to distortion, which vastly improves your car’s manoeuvrability. Speed Index: T/H/V/W/Y Rim diameter in inches: 14 – 18 Tyre Width: 155 – 235 Series: 70 – 40

ContiComfortContact 5

Continental ContiComfortContact CC5 195/55R15 85V FR COMFCON CC5##

Shorter braking distance, reduced noise & improved fuel efficiency. The ContiComfortContact™ 5 is the perfect comfort tyre designed to deliver reduced noise and improved safety. Specifically designed ‘noise breakers’ are built into the tread pattern to dramatically reduce the sound level of the tyre. Advanced Silica Compound Technology helps to minimise the forces of rolling resistance for better fuel efficiency leading to lower CO² emissions. Shorter braking distance and improved handling performance. Extreme low noise levels. Optimum driving comfort coupled with safety performance. Improved fuel economy. Improved handling and safety. Speed Index: H/V Rim diameter in inches: 13 – 16 Tyre Width: 175 – 225 Series: 70 – 50