ContiVanContact 100

Continental ContiVanContact 100 175/65R14C 90/88T CoVaCo 100

Safety. And even more efficiency. The ContiVanContact™ 100 – Efficiency and safety for daily use. The ContiVanContact 100 is an all-round talent that can not only easily cope with poor road surfaces and heavy loads, but which also offers a high mileage. Its specially reinforced carcass and sturdy sidewall, the stone-deflecting tread design, and the strong scuff protection strip on the sidewall make the tire a particularly robust load carrier. We have managed to reduce rolling resistance by 10% in comparison to the successful predecessor model – offering yet another advantage to transport companies who run Sprinters and similar vans and for whom speed and timeliness are the key in the distribution business. Continental has 14 sizes available with diameters ranging from 14 to 16 inches and load-bearing capacities up to a load index of 115 (1,215 kg per tire).

ContiPremiumContact 2

Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 215/45R16 90V TL XL FR CPC 2 AO

Shorter braking distances for luxury and medium-sized cars: The ContiPremiumContactTM 2 The ContiPremiumContactTM 2 has a totally new type of 3-D groove. Its innovative tread technology optimises braking performance on both wet and dry surfaces. Thanks to the new 3-D grooves, water is dispersed more efficiently – providing excellent protection against aquaplaning. 3-D grooves also give the whole tyre superb stability. That’s why the new ContiPremiumContact 2TM is less prone to distortion, which vastly improves your car’s manoeuvrability. Speed Index: T/H/V/W/Y Rim diameter in inches: 14 – 18 Tyre Width: 155 – 235 Series: 70 – 40