Continental ContiPremiumContact 205/55R16 91V TL CPC SSR *

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Product Description

The bionic ContiPremiumContactTM means safer braking: Sprung Animation The new ContiPremiumContactTM works like a cat’s paw as it brakes: it widens, to ensure safe transmission of greater forces to the road. The tyre is therefore able to transmit braking forces more efficiently than a conventional tyre . Under normal driving conditions the tyre remains slim to provide protection against aquaplaning. Asymmetrical tread pattern ensures safety and comfort Aquaplaning The closed outer shoulder section with its sturdy tread pattern ensures good cornering stability and precise steering response. This part of the tyre puts more rubber on the road, giving better grip and good braking characteristics, even when cornering. The closed outer shoulder also means reduced tyre/road noise. Silica means low rolling resistance, better grip and shorter braking distances For several years, silica has replaced carbon black as a filler in tyre tread compound. The benefit of silicum dioxide is that it is able to bond chemically with the natural rubber polymers. As a result, silica helps to reduce rolling resistance and improve grip and roadholding, particularly on wet roads.

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