Continental Bayswater incorporates Bayswater Tyre and Auto and offers a full range of Automotive Mechanical Services.

We have a modern fully equipped workshop and can offer:
• Log Book Servicing
• Oil Changes
• Tune-Ups
• Clutch and brake repairs
• Replacement shock absorbers and suspension components
• High performance suspension components for cars and 4 X 4
• Lowered Suspension for looks or handling
• Exhaust System Repairs
• Roadworthy Certificates
• All Mechanical Repairs
• Electrical repairs including central locking and electric windows
• Waiting room/ lounge

Regular maintenance of your vehicle will save you time and money in the long run. It is poor economics to extend or avoid servicing as you risk a major mechanical failure that could cost a fortune to repair. A regular oil and filter change keeps your engine properly lubricated with fresh high quality oil and can prevent premature engine failure. It also gives our trained mechanics an opportunity to check your brakes, engine coolant, hoses and tyres.

Most drivers do keep a regular eye on their cars but you would be amazed at how many cars we put on our hoist only to find the tyre is badly worn on an inside edge and very close to a catastrophic failure.

Many drivers don’t even check under the hood between services, yet if you read most car manufacturers hand books, they say that the vehicle should be fully inspected before every journey is planned.